Hello, and thank you for visiting Faith. We trust that you enjoyed your visit and we look forward to having you as our guest again soon. Our church is a variety of families of all ages who come together as a unique blend of Christian service. Faith Church began in 2003 with the vision of Pastors Phillip & Valaine Hill. Their outreach ministry includes over 10 years of Prison Ministry and Clinical Pastoral Education.


Faith is a very caring congregation and we are confident you will find a

warm welcome and ample opportunity to grow in your relationship with

Jesus Christ and His church. I am very pleased to be able to pastor sucha great group of Chrisitian families, and we welcome you to join us.

~Pastor Phillip Hill, Sr. 

Statements of Faith

- We believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God. (2 Timothy 3:16)

- We believe in salvation by grace through repentance and faith (Ephesians 2:8)

- We believe in water baptism by immersion

- We believe in one God in three persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit

- We believe in being filled with the Holy Spirit, and the operation of the gifts of the Spirit

(1 Corinthians 12:8-10)

Our Pastors



Pastor Phillip Hill, Sr. is a graduate of Concordia University. He has completed Masters of Arts studies in Pastoral Ministry at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee WI. He is also the

founder of Faithway Ministries in Milwaukee along with his wife Valaine Graham-Hill. Pastor Phillip worked and volunteered for the Milwaukee Public School system for over 10 years. He has 

been a business owner for many years, with his entrepreneurial spirit, he is the CEO of Motivation to Momentum, LLC, which is an umbrella of three businesses, and Faith Community Development Corporation (CDC).


He is currently the Senior Pastor of Faith Church Milwaukee where he imparts vision to all who encounter his presence. Pastor Phillip is passionate about empowering all mankind with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ in a clear, easy to understand method that touches the hearts of God's people by evangelization, educating and equipping them to live a victorious life in Christ.

Pastor Hill has been committed to over 10 years of Prison Ministry and four years of Clinical Pastoral Education. He was ordained a Minister and served faithfully in the African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church for many years and ordained in the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. Pastor Hill continues to work as an evangelist, teacher and preacher.

He is the proud father of Anthony, Phillip Jr., and Bryanna Joy Hill.



Pastor Valaine Graham-Hill is a graduate of Concordia University Wisconsin. She has completed Masters of Arts coursework in Religious Studies at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee WI. She has also served as a group facilitator for women and teen girls at Southern Oaks Girls Detention Facility. Her ministry also includes Clinical Pastoral Education at Aurora Sinani Hospital. 


This anointed vessel is recognized for her ability to equip men, women and youth for leadership in the work of the Lord. She is an equipped messenger whose anointed teachings bring about radical change and spiritual breakthroughs that empower the believer's life. Her dynamic messages impact the lives of all she comes in contact with. Pastor Valaine was ordained in the International Pentecostal Holiness Church and served in the African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church for many years.


She is co-founder of Faithway Fellowship Ministries and co-pastor of Faith Church Milwaukee alongside her husband, Pastor Phillip Hill Sr. She is the proud mother of Anthony, Phillip Jr., and Bryanna Joy Hill.

Building faith, family and community

Faith Church is committed to bringing a holisitic ministry to all men and women. As believers, we must operate the way God does - with His power, His anointing, His faith and His love by speaking His word. We are dedicated to empower all mankind with the Good News in a clear and easy to understand method.